How can we inoculate academic publishing against bad business practices?

How can we build a more affordable and equitable system, for the sake of academia?

Like this:

Look into it.
Let others know about it.
Help us build it.

Today we are launching SciPost's Sustain Our Services Campaign.

This campaign has the following primary objectives: to ensure continuity of support for our services; to engage organizations which have benefitted from our activities, but not yet supported us; to reduce our financial uncertainty; to empower our growth and widen the positive impact we have.

We look forward to engaging with you during the course of this campaign!

We've just published a post on our blog, looking back at our operations in 2023.

2023 saw us publish 748 papers, with a unit average expenditure of €495.

We grew our team to keep up with increasing demand on our Genuine Open Access services; though this reduced backlogs, it depleted our financial reserves. Our growth is stunted and our long-term financial sustainability remains a distant perspective due to challenges in gathering support.

Our mission is far from over!

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